What Are The Best Hashtags On Instagram For Followers?

There’s lots of chatter around hashtags on Instagram for followers. Some claims hashtags don’t help with our reach at all. It’s of no use for getting more followers. Others swear that you can 1000 followers in a day if you use the right hashtags. What’s the truth?

Best Hashtags On Instagram For Followers

There are no best hashtags on Instagram for followers. There is an Instagram hashtag strategy to reach the right audience.

Instagram is a marketer’s playground more than anything right now. If you want followers on Instagram, you need to have a strategy. It does not matter if you’re a business or an individual. You have to post curated content with the right hashtags if you want followers.

Additionally, hashtag placement and hashtag choices do play a part in your reach. So, there are no one-fit best hashtags on Instagram for followers, but there are hashtags with more visibility over others.

1. Don’t use general hashtags

General hashtags are those with a broad category and have been used by almost everybody on Instagram. We’re talking about #love, #fitness, #cute, #instagram, #tbt, #instagood. These are all hashtags with over 500 million posts.

Unless you’re a huge account with over 1m followers, your posts won’t show up at the top of these hashtags. Nor people who follow these hashtags would get your post as recommendations. Instead, these would clog up your hashtag space. You could use hashtags with better reach for your account size instead.

2. Don’t use banned hashtags

Banned hashtags are hashtags that have reports against those from users. As a result, Instagram has hidden those hashtags. As a result, anything posted under those hashtags is invisible to users.

If you use a banned hashtag on your post, your post will be automatically hidden on other hashtags too.

How do you know it’s a banned hashtag?

Click on the hashtag. If you see ‘Follow’ under it, it’s not banned. If you don’t see ‘Follow’, it is.

3. Pay attention to the hashtag placement

30 is the maximum number for hashtags on Instagram. But, of course, you can use up the entire thirty.

However, using the entire space doesn’t guarantee better reach. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt your account either.

A study by Social Insider suggests that anywhere from 7 to 30 hashtags impact engagement. However, accounts with under 5k followers benefit from hiding their hashtags in the caption.

5k to 10k followers range should write their hashtags in the comment. Those with over 100k should also write hashtags in the first comment. After that, everyone else has better luck mixing their hashtag in their caption.

4. Use niche hashtags

Niche hashtags are the most beneficial for increasing visibility. For example, if you run a food blog, you should use hashtags like #foodkitchen. It has 15.7k posts currently, which means your post might easily appear at the top. 

In general, you should mix up your niche hashtags. For example, use hashtags with less than 5000 posts, those with over 100k posts, and then 50k ones. 

5. Create your own hashtag

Create a hashtag with your account name or one that has a mix of your account name and niche.

Plug in the hashtag in the caption of every post. Make a call to action and ask people to follow the hashtag. Once you have a larger audience and more people follow your hashtag, that’s the best hashtag on Instagram for followers.

Final Thoughts

The best hashtags on Instagram for followers only work when your posts are visible on those hashtags. So strategize and plan your hashtag use. Additionally, don’t use the same hashtags for every post. Instagram might mistake you for a bot and penalize your account. 


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