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Is Ranking On Google Important?

Why Get A SEO Optimized Website?

Get Warm Leads Looking For YOU

Most small businesses don’t understand the first thing about keyword research or backlinks, but they know the importance of having an SEO optimized website.

Having an SEO optimized website is EVERYTHING when it comes to making money online, especially if you’re a local business. 

And all f Jake’s websites are built mobile-first.

And since these leads are searching for your services, they convert at a much higher rate.

Step 1

Pick A Winning Design

Work with Jake to select a design that aligns with your brand identity and business goals. Scroll down to see examples!

Step 2

Edit And Launch Your Site

After the website is selected, Jake will work closely with you to ensure it is 100% perfect and SEO optimized before it launches to your dream audience.

Step 3

Create Content For Your Audience

Jake will then create custom content for your site to just for your brand to convert your dream audience from visitor to paying customer.

Step 4

Create Backlinks For The Win

Most business owners haven’t heard the term “backlinking” before, but it’s a crucial part of any SEO strategy. 

Also known as link building, Jake will get other sites to put your link on their site, boosting your SEO score with Google through the roof. 

Benefits And Features

Create An Online Homebase For Your Business!

If you don’t have a clean, mobile-first website, your dream customers won’t take you seriously. 

Clean, Modern Designs

Jake will build you the perfect site that captures your brands voice and objectives. Select from several different design options!


In the near future, EVERYTHING will be built to be viewed on cell phones. Why not get ahead of the curve?

Turn Vistors Into Leads

With laser-focused content and high-converting forms, your visitors will become leads, and then paying clients seamlessly.

Fast Loading Hosting

Fast loading hosting and top Google Page Speed scores to ensure you don’t lose visitors due to slow speeds

Drive More Targeted Traffic

Targeted visitors come to your website for a specific reason, which increases your chances of converting them into a seller or buyer lead.

Build Local Authority & Trust

Building your company through consistent, strategic content and SEO will help you become the authority in niche.


What My Clients Say About Me

I was struggling to get sales on Instagram account. A few likes here and there, but the sales weren’t coming in.

Then I got a LinkSleeve…right away there was explosive sales. Almost 50% in one week!  Any new business owner would be crazy to not work with Jake!


Owner, Gevon Luxe

Absolutely perfect experience working with Jake each and every month.

He constantly exceeds my most aggressive hopes!

Cliff The Commish

Owner, From The Tailgate

Jake designed me an awesome LinkSleeve! I really love it and the sales are FLOWING in!


CEO, Find Your Flow

Here’s Some Examples Of Jake’s Work

Take A Peak And Let Me Know If A Design Catches Your Eye…

Jake’s Houses

National Park Explorer

Jake Markets

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My Emails Kick Ass!

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