WTF is a LinkSleeve?

Take Your Social Media Game To A Whole New Level

Mobile-First Funnels Done For You

Most small businesses don’t know the first thing about building a funnel, but they’ve heard the buzzword and know it’s important for online marketing. 

Funnels are EVERYTHING when it comes to making money online.

And the future will be mobile-first.

LinkSleeves are mobile-first funnels that take your Linktree to 3 new levels, all done for you.

Step 1

Mobile Friendly Links Page

This page will be very similar to your Linktree, but is much, much more customizable.  This benefits you by building your brand and not Linktrees…

Step 2

Custom Lead Magnet Done For You

Jake will create a 5-7 page lead magnet (ebook) for your business on niche topics that intrigue your target audience.  All the writing and design work will be done for you and will be the bait for our perfect clients. 

Step 3

Mobile Friendly Landing Page

The lead magnet is given away for free on this page, the features and benefits clearly laid out, a couple of testimonials, and multiple lead capture forms are used to collect your dream clients’ name and email address.

Step 4

Email Follow-Ups For The Win

If your business simply doesn’t have time to manage your social media accounts or if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing, this is the perfect plan for your business. 

Jake will manage all of your accounts, create branded content, and engage your existing customers, and build your audience like you’ve never seen before. 100% Organic Growth (no bots, no fake followers). 

Benefits And Features

LinkSleeves Are Done For You Funnels!

You don’t even need a website to use LinkSleeve! It will be hosted our super optimized servers!

Done For You

Jake will design you the PERFECT LinkSleeve funnel just for your brand.


In the near future, EVERYTHING will be built to be viewed on cell phones. Why not get ahead of the curve?

Turn Vistors Into Leads

If you’re not building a list, then you’re not building a business. LinkSleeves are built with the goal of converting your followers into paying clients. And then getting them to buy over and over!

Branding Done Right

Jake can customize all your pages and lead magnet to all have the same “ad scent.” This means that they will all have the same look and feel, creating a nicely branded path for more sales.

Works On All Social Networks

Most social media sites give you just one link for your audience to click on. You can put your LinkSleeve link there and then direct them to any page you want! Perfect for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Business Page and more!

Linktree x 3

Linktree only gives you a links page. LinkSleeve gives you a lead magnet, landing page, and email sequence as well!

I know what you’re thinking…

Why don’t I just go and get a free linktree like everyone else?

Well, here’s why that’s a huge mistake that will hold you back from success.

Linktrees only offer one step to your marketing funnel.  LinkSleeve has 4 steps, so you can see an instant return on your bio clicks.

Not to mention they aren’t as customizable, which can hurt your brand. 


Features Linktree LinkSleeve
Link Landing Page X X
Landing Page X
Ebook x
Email Sequence X
Fully Customizable X



What Our Clients Say About Us

I was struggling to get sales on Instagram account. A few likes here and there, but the sales weren’t coming in.

Then I got a LinkSleeve…right away there was explosive sales. Almost 50% in one week!  Any new business owner would be crazy to not work with Jake!


Owner, Gevon Luxe

Absolutely perfect experience working with Jake each and every month.

He constantly exceeds my most aggressive hopes!

Cliff The Commish

Owner, From The Tailgate

Jake designed me an awesome LinkSleeve! I really love it and the sales are FLOWING in!


CEO, Find Your Flow

Here’s What’s Included

With Your LinkSleeve Package, You’ll get…

Mobile-First Links Page Built For You

This page is fully-customizable and will certainly WOW your dream clients when they click the link in your bio.

Done For You Lead Magnet

Ebook will be written and designed just for your brand. Your dream clients won’t be able to resist…

Mobile-First Landing Page

This high-conversion landing page will capture your dream client’s data and set up deliverly of your lead magnet via email.

Done For You Email Sequence

And finally, we’ll follow up with your dream clients with this 10 email sequence, tailor-made just for your business! 

Limited Time Offer: $997 $497

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