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Self-paced online learning is an AMAZING way to get educated this day and age, but you need a real pro to guide you along the way. 

These courses were designed with YOU in mind. Someone who wants to earn more money online with low barriers for entry.  

And, these courses are in proven money making areas, not fads that will come and go. This content is evergreen so you will always be watching relevant winning strategies for making money on your own. 

Instagram Disruptor

Perfect For Those Looking To Grow

Instagram is THE platform for business growth moving forward. There are new features almost every week and most are to help businesses get in front of their target audience more easily. Learn Jake’s winning ways how he scaled @nationalparkdotcom to over 133k followers in under two years without paying a dime. 

How To Do Wholesale Deals

Start Investing In Real Estate With No Money Down

Real estate has created more millionaires than any other asset class. Learn how to become a real estate investor and start flipping houses with no money down, 100% virtually, and without doing any of the repair work. Wholesaling is a MUST have skillset for building wealth.

Affiliate Marketing

Start Creating More Revenue Streams

Affiliate marketing is a 8.2 billion dollar industry that most people still don’t understand. Learn the basic concepts that will put an extra $2k in your pocket each month for doing very little work.  Jake’s brokered over 1 million dollars in affiliate sales, and he’s teaching you everything he knows here. 

Benefits And Features

Self-Paced Learning + Professional Guidance = Success

Learn how to make money online with Jake and leave your 9-5 job now! 


Easy To Follow Lessons

Jake has broken down the main core concepts into simple 5 minute lessons that allow you understand not only the “what,” but the “how” and the “why” as well.


Done For You Action Plans

After each lesson, you will receive an action plan for you to execute. This way, you’re not stuck in learning mode, but being pushed to doing mode.

Proven Concepts

Jake only focuses on concepts an principles that are tried and true, not get rich quick schemes. These are proven ways to build revenue and have allowed millions of people to start working for themselves.

Easy To Implement

Jake demystifies concepts that are difficult to understand and makes them simple to execute. No overwhelm with these courses!

Works For All Skill Levels

These courses aren’t just for beginners. The concepts get more advanced as the courses progress, so no matter where you’re at in your business, these courses will accelerate your growth.

Money Back Guarantee

Jake offers a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all his courses, so there’s literally nothing to lose!


What Our Clients Say About Us

I was struggling to get sales on Instagram account. A few likes here and there, but the sales weren’t coming in.

Then I got a LinkSleeve…right away there was explosive sales. Almost 50% in one week!  Any new business owner would be crazy to not work with Jake!


Owner, Gevon Luxe

Absolutely perfect experience working with Jake each and every month.

He constantly exceeds my most aggressive hopes!

Cliff The Commish

Owner, From The Tailgate

Jake designed me an awesome LinkSleeve! I really love it and the sales are FLOWING in!


CEO, Find Your Flow

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