5 Positive Effects Of Social Media You Never Considered

“The internet was a mistake”- this is a popular phrase on, well, the internet. This opinion is almost always fostered by the negative effects of social media. Unfortunately, the algorithm makes it so easy to focus on the negative impacts that we forget social media did benefit societies in a way we never considered. So, let’s take a look at the 5 positive effects of social media today.

5 Positive Effects of Social Media

1. Promoting Small Businesses

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, are all platforms where small businesses get the chance to flourish. You might not have the means to put out billboard ads or even social media ads, but you can post valuable content. 

When you post informative content strategically in relation to your product or service, social media rewards you with better reach, following, and in turn, more customers. 

There are people who have entirely kicked off their business online, with no offline stores.

Unless you’re a huge account with over 1m followers, your posts won’t show up at the top of these hashtags. Nor people who follow these hashtags would get your post as recommendations. Instead, these would clog up your hashtag space. You could use hashtags with better reach for your account size instead.

2. Better customer experience

Social media doesn’t only help potential customers know about your business, it’s also a tool to keep them engaged. You can reply to their comments, make your customers laugh, and interact with their content. 

Customers can leave reviews on your business, letting other interested parties know your products are good. There is also the matter of holding quizzes, polls, and stories, all of which keep customers’ attention on your business. When they have a product that you sell and want to buy, your name is the first on their minds. 

3. A chance to explore your creative side

It’s common to hear that being an artist won’t pay you a dime when you grow up unless you are the best or have strong connections.

It’s not the case anymore with social media around. Artists can open Instagram and start posting their art- music, drawing, writing, or even acting.

Of course, there are people who will leave negative comments. If you pay attention, though, the ratio of positive comments is always higher.

You don’t only get huge followers. There are people who will pay you for your art. Your following from your art also allows you to get into affiliate marketing.

If you are a painter, you can promote paint brush companies on social media. Merchants pay you for every sale from your link.

4. News travels fast

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Both fake and real news can travel fast. All it needs is for one person to start talking about it on Twitter. 

While fake news can feel like harassment, social media can be extremely effective for real events. Before it even hits news channels, people find out when others are in trouble. This allows us to gather, donate and think of other ways to help people out. 

When you hear the kitten that got lost in your neighborhood returned to its owner after everyone in the locality spread its picture on Facebook, don’t you feel good? 

5. Better communication

It is the most obvious and primary use of social media. Most social media sites were created with the purpose of fostering a world with fast and better communication. 

It’s the one thing that kept us all connected during the thick of the pandemic. 

Social media helps us find like-minded people. For example, we can connect with people we have never met before because they share the same hobby. We’re also more open with strangers on the internet sometimes than our friends and family because we don’t fear being judged.  

Final Thoughts

Social media is negative and positive, depending on how you use it. There are way more than 5 positive effects of social media. However, the way social media has helped B2C and B2B businesses are unlike any others. You can learn more about using social media to your advantage at Jake Markets. 


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